•Keep your tattoo bandaged until the morning after it's application. Do not peek at your tattoo, open, or remove your bandage before then.

•Remove your bandage with clean hands and wash the tattooed area gently, but thoroughly with a mild, non- perfumed soap and warm-to- hot water, removing all petroleum jelly and bodily fluid from your tattoo.

•Rinse with cold water, then dry your tattoo thoroughly, but gently, patting it with a clean towel.

•Do not re-bandage, and do not soak your new tattoo by having a bath, a swim, or sitting in hot-tub.  Have a short shower instead, drying the tattoo afterwards, each and every time.

•Do not wear tight or restrictive clothing while the tattoo is healing.

• If your tattoo begins to feel itchy (usually by the end of the first week,) apply a thin layer of water-based hand lotion (such as Lubriderm,) a couple of times a day.  This will help alleviate the itch, temporarily. Never scratch or pick scabs off the healing tattoo; allow it to heal at it's own pace.

•Keep your tattoo out of direct sun for at least two weeks.  Use plenty of SPF 15 (or higher) sunscreen for any sun exposure after your tattoo has healed.

•If you develop an infection in the tattooed area that persists for more than a few days, consult a physician immediately.

Provided your following of these instructions, any required touch-ups are free within the first year, following the application of your tattoo. Artist's discretion may apply.

Please call the studio or email us with any further questions.